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Teen Suicide

This article appeared in the West Plaza Neighborhood Association Newsletter.

Often when I greet a teenager in passing, they look surprised. A person who had been homeless once told me that the worst part of that period of his life was that rarely did anyone acknowledge his presence. This caused more suffering than the physical discomfort and hunger.

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Preparing for Your End of Life Journey

“Without Regrets”

In her book, Without RegretsHelen Emmott, a nurse ethicist, has systematically examined professional and personal issues that can arise during the end of life journey. It was difficult to read about the subject of dying, but she provides information that can make the journey easier for the person who is approaching death as well as for the caregivers. I am adamant about getting my affairs in order, and I’ll take help wherever I can get it.

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Women Still Seen as Stressed

Having lived in Japan for several years while in my 20s, 0ne of my areas of expertise is mindfulness. Recently I was interviewed by a reporter from a local radio station, 98.1 KMBZ, on a story about Stress in America.

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