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Therapy in a Pandemic

When the isolation began this year, many clients stopped coming for therapy because they didn’t know that teletherapy was available. Because I am a medical provider, clients could still come to the office if they chose to, while maintaining social distancing. When the pandemic became more widespread, my doctor advised I wear a mask in face-to-face sessions. I provide antiseptic, and I spray client areas between sessions.

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You Are Worthy

These days of isolation provide us with an opportunity to look inside ourselves, to reflect on our lives. Each of us is unique. No matter what we look like or where we come from, we are worthy. It’s important to know that about ourselves and others.

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Have Cabin Fever?

We’ve all probably suffered from cabin fever at some point, but today’s required social distancing and self-isolation are new habits we all need to manage.

Some people can handle the self-isolation while others go stir crazy – and literally do crazy things. Cabin fever can make you feel:

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Got Anger?

Anger is a basic feeling, along with sad, glad, disgusted, and scared. In our culture, anger has traditionally been the only socially acceptable feeling for men. It’s time to move on from this belief.

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