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How to Co-Parenting Positively

divorced motherWhen you can finally look in the mirror and admit your marriage is over, it’s time to really focus on what’s best for your children. You can spend every ounce of energy and every waking minute on trying to make your eventual ex-spouse’s life miserable, or you can use that time and energy to do something positive.

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Caregiver Stress – Caring for the Caregiver

Do you know someone who is caring for a person in need? They could be caring for a child, a person with a disability such as autism, an elderly parent, a spouse, friend, relative, or neighbor.

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Teen Suicide

This article appeared in the West Plaza Neighborhood Association Newsletter.

Often when I greet a teenager in passing, they look surprised. A person who had been homeless once told me that the worst part of that period of his life was that rarely did anyone acknowledge his presence. This caused more suffering than the physical discomfort and hunger.

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