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Social Media and Kids

The Surgeon General has issued a report on the effects of social media on kids. Children using social media often feel worse about themselves and their friendships. And since it’s addictive, they can’t turn it off.

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Cry Your Heart Out

When I was a child, crying was frowned upon.

While I was in high school, one of my male classmates cried when someone hit his car by accident. Waves of shock wafted throughout the class as some people talked in hushed tones about his reaction.

Attitudes like this may be changing. I hope they are.

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Kids and Money

A friend of mine said that her kids didn’t seem to appreciate the cost of going to a high-end clothing store. She looked for a remedy. She noticed that a friend of one of her children never asked her mother for money. So, she asked the mother how she managed that.

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Friendship. You probably know the old saying, you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends.

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Grief is a Journey

Grief usually kicks in at any loss, big or small — a broken dish, the death of a pet, or the loss of a loved one. Processing these feelings is a journey. It can be done alone or better, with others. Locking away the feelings arising from a loss can contribute to health problems and a shortened life.

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Bullying can take several forms: insults, shaming, threats, identity attacks, disrespect, unwanted contact, betrayals. These can happen to individuals or groups, personally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

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It’s Abuse

Abuse: What does it look like?

Abuse happens on all levels:

  • individual,
  • community,
  • regional,
  • national, and
  • international
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