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Bullying can take several forms: insults, shaming, threats, identity attacks, disrespect, unwanted contact, betrayals. These can happen to individuals or groups, personally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

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It’s Abuse

Abuse: What does it look like?

Abuse happens on all levels:

  • individual,
  • community,
  • regional,
  • national, and
  • international
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Lonely? Reach Out.

During these days of COVID, it’s easy to become solitary and lonely. But those old tried and true ways to communicate are still available.

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Addiction by Design

B.J. Fogg, a behavior scientist at Stanford University, developed the “Fogg Behavioral Model.” His model shows that three elements must be simultaneously present for behavior to occur: motivation, ability and prompt.

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Got Anger?

Anger is a basic feeling, along with sad, glad, disgusted, and scared. In our culture, anger has traditionally been the only socially acceptable feeling for men. It’s time to move on from this belief.

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