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Bullying, insult, gossip, hurtful

Bullying can take several forms: insults, shaming, threats, identity attacks, disrespect, unwanted contact, betrayals. These can happen to individuals or groups, personally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

What does bullying look like?

Bullying, attributes, insults, shame

What does bullying look like?

  • Insults are disrespectful comments or actions.
  • When shaming, the bully is trying to belittle a person or group.
  • A threat expresses the intention to cause harm to an individual, group, or material objects.
  • An attack on identity may be words or actions against an individual or group’s locale, race, religion, profession, or anything an individual or group may adhere to.
  • Disrespect is a show of contempt, which indicates a lack of acceptance on the part of the abuser.
  • Unwanted contact means undesired physical contact. Unwanted contact can even be legalized or culturally accepted. Corporal punishment, imprisonment, shooting, and rape are extreme examples of this.
  • Betrayal is a breach of trust. Gossip, or sharing personal information intended to be confidential falls into this category.


One thing is for sure: the bully wants power and control over the people they are targeting.

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Author: Martha Childers

Martha Childers, EdS, LPC is a multicultural psychotherapist specializing in couples, grief and caregiver stress. Martha is a licensed professional counselor in Missouri and Kansas. She received her masters and education specialist degrees in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. She practiced Zen through a variety of Japanese traditional arts for 3-1/2 years. Since that time, mindfulness has been an integral part of her life. Her interest in human nature, beliefs, and life styles led her to become a counselor.

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